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Active practicing board certified foot and ankle surgeon

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National Rifle Association Certified Basic Pistol Instructor

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National Rifle Association Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

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National Rifle Association Certified Basic Rifle Instructor

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National Rifle Association Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor

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National Rifle Association Range Safety Officer

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SC Law Enforcement Division Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor

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17 years of concealed weapons carry experience as a private citizen

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Special interest: Firearms/related gear/training, motorcyclist with 5 years of riding experience, foot and ankle surgery and surgical technology.

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Why Doc's Precision Firearms Training 

I got into firearms 17 years ago after my purchase of my 1st handgun when I was a college student.


From this point I began a path of learning more about firearms and getting out to the range regularly to practice.


Shooting for me is fun and also therapeutic. To be good, it requires commitment to training, self-discipline, and one must be truthful with themselves about deficiencies in skill.


You must learn to self-analyze and be unashamed about making changes to techniques that are producing sub-par results. These are the same skills and attributes I call upon as being a surgeon.


It wasn't until the summer of 2021 that I decided to really get serious about my personal firearms training and getting formal education from others in the firearms industry.

Through my training, I developed a desire to pass the knowledge I have obtained through trial and error/training to others looking to learn about firearms safety and building firearms skill.


As an instructor, my goal is to teach everyday people practical skills that they can use for sporting purposes and also the preservation of innocent life. I love seeing the smiles on people's faces after training; when they have gained the confidence in themselves and their ability to safely handle and operate a firearm effectively.


I love receiving emails and phone calls from students about recommendations on guns and gear. I love watching people fall in love with shooting sports.

So, why Doc's Precision? Well "Doc" identifies who I am primarily as a professional. A doctor, he primarily diagnoses a problem, educates and counsels, and then delivers a remedy for the problem at hand.


Precision is a component of accuracy which denotes reproducibility of striking a particular mark. As your instructor of Doc's Precision Firearms Training, I am committed to helping you improve your firearms education, diagnose and help you develop the ability to self-diagnose errors, and deliver comprehensive training that yields reproducible results.

Won't you let me be a part of your journey to better firearms safety and proficiency?

This business conducts firearms training courses within the region by partnering with privately owned gun ranges who welcome us in to bring students for firearms education.

Know of a range closer to you that allows outside private instructors? Do you own property where it would be safe to conduct shooting activity? Drop me a message by email ( and I will look into the possibility of bringing training closer to you. 



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