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Docs Precision Firearms Training Shooting at target in Florence South Carolina

Doc's Precision Firearms Training

Practical training for the average citizen to better equip you to defend yourself and all those you hold dear.
Training breeds confidence, there is power in confidence.

Explore our firearm training programs in South Carolina, conveniently offered in Florence, Sumter, and Darlington.

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Many have asked, why would a doctor want to get into the business of teaching people how to shoot guns?


My simple response to that is, it brings me joy. I've been a gun enthusiast and licensed concealed carrier for the past 17 years.


I bought my first ever pistol as a college student for the purpose of self-protection. In the course of being a firearm owner, I discovered that just having a firearm does not make you safe.

AARON HAIRE owner of DOCs precision firearms training business based in South Carolina

Having a firearm means nothing if you lack skill, confidence, and self-discipline.


I have committed myself to regular training and pushing my firearms skills to better educate those in the community about firearm safety and proper firearm usage.


My greatest joy as an instructor is training people and watching the smiles that come on their faces as they gain confidence in their own abilities. Training begets confidence and confidence in a powerful thing!

Won't you let me be a part of your firearm training journey?



My experience was exceptional! I learned so much! I’m confident and I’m so ready to learn more! The entire learning experience was top notch! Awesome instructors: Aaron and Gary! They made learning fun! I highly recommend this place!

Vickel Darby

DOCs precision firearms training shooting facilities located in Sumeter, SC

1. Shooters Stance Training Center

58 Glenwood Dr.

Sumter, SC 29153


2. A & J Firearms & Training

440 Case Street

Darlington, SC 29532


3. South Carolina Gun School

8114 Old Greenville Hwy

Easley, SC 29642

Bullets used in DOCs training programs for advanced students in Darlington South Carolina

To empower the average everyday citizen with the skills, knowledge, and safety focused mindset to achieve their personal goals within the firearms community.

I look to be a positive mentor, guiding you on your journey to better firearms proficiency through an ever- evolving learning, growth, and skills development experience. 

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Screenshoot of Doc with a Glock podcast

The purpose of this radio show is to challenge the negative stereotypes associated with being a gun enthusiast, particularly for individuals who are black.


On this show, I cover a wide range of topics including guns and gear, gun safety, training, social issues, gun policy and laws, as well as related subjects.


Ultimately, I hope to highlight our shared experiences and bridge any divides that may exist between us.


So, please sit back, listen up, and join me for an engaging discussion.


  • How to sign up for a class?
    After you have read our posted class description and have decided on the particular service you want to register for, visit the course calendar and select the highlighted date of choice that the particular service is offered. Once there click on the link to be taken to the registration portal. From there, complete all listed fields with required information and then proceed to pay to complete registration. You will receive a confirmation receipt and email once registration is complete.
  • Do you offer self- defense liability insurance?
    Yes. We promote and sell Firearms Legal Protection Liability Insurance. Firearms Legal Protection | The Best Legal Protection for Gun Owners!
  • What is the purpose of firearm liability insurance, why should I get it?
    You readily think to cover and protect yourself from financial loss with coverage offered by health, car, and life insurance but seldom do individuals think of the threat to finances and personal freedom/livelihood that can follow after a self-defense encounter. Firearm liability insurance is there to cover you on your worst day, when you have to use your firearm or defensive tool to protect the lives of yourself or other innocent parties. Insurance such as what we offer through Firearm Legal Protection affords you the following benefits…. -Legal representation with uncapped payment for fees of civil or criminal defense -Protection which extends to all weapons used in lawful self- defense. -Access to emergency 24/7 attorney answered hotline. - Access to Firearm Legal Protection Mobile App, packed with up-to-date laws and other tools and information that all firearms owners should have at their fingertips. -Access to digital content, online education, and discounts. - Protection in all 50 states - Bail bond coverage up to 250k - Payment of expert witness fees and cost of private investigators needed in your legal defense. - Payment of grief and psychological counseling. - Lost wage protection during the period of criminal or civil trial. - Payment for professional crime scene clean-up and payment for incident related firearm confiscation. - Coverage which extends to spouse and children 17 years of age and younger. With all these benefits and protections, it’s a no brainer. Call or email us today to register for a plan that meets your protection needs.
  • Do you offer private instruction?
    Yes, I offer private instruction to focus in on any particular area of deficiency a student wishes to hone in on. My rate is $40 for the 1st hour and $25 for each additional hour beyond the 1st hour. Additional standard mileage fees will apply for travel to ranges outside of home ranges where I normally teach. Must call or email to schedule date and time of private instruction.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Due to the nature of firearm training which requires me to purchase training supplies/ammo and rent teaching space weeks in advance of a course I am unable to offer refunds. If for some reason you can’t make it to a class that you have paid for, I will gladly change you to a class date that better fits your schedule at no additional fee. Just contact me by our business phone or email to notify me ASAP of a need for class date change. Email: Business phone#: 843-954-2845
  • How long have you been in operation?
    This has been a registered and fully insured firearm training business in South Carolina since August 12,2021 under the business name Doc & Twelve LLC. In December 2022 the business went under solo management under the current name, Doc's Precision Firearms Training LLC. I have successfully instructed over 140 students within the 1st year of operation.
  • We see the focus of most of your training is pistol based, do you also offer rifle training?
    I am an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor, however due to being in the early stages of development I want to get all pistol courses fully running efficiently before branching into rifle instruction. I will always focus on quality and safety of instruction over quantity of services. I hope to include rifle classes at some point toward the end of 2023. Follow us as the business grows for details on rifle class offerings. If you are in more immediate need of quality rifle training in SC please check out my friend and fellow instructor Mr. Chris Liles who runs "SC Gun School"
  • Is open carry allowed in SC?
    Yes. As of August 15th 2021, any CWP class offered by a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Certified CWP instructor provides the teachings necessary to allow a citizen to open or conceal carry a pistol.
  • Is there an additional fee to submit a CWP application to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division?
    No. When you take the class with us you will leave with everything you need completed. Just place a stamp on the envelope and stick it in the mail.
  • How long does it take to get my CWP permit in the mail?
    South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has 90 days from the day they receive your application to get your permit sent to you. If there are any issues with your application that require correction, SLED will notify you in writing via the mailing address you provided on your application.
  • Who is eligible for a SC CWP?
    Individuals 21 years of age or older. Individuals with no history of felony or otherwise prohibited by law from owning/carrying a firearm. Residents of SC or out of state resident with proof of real property ownership for which taxes are paid for.
  • Do I have to be at least 21 years old to take a CWP class?
    No, but your 21st birthday must be within 3 years of the class in which you intend to take. Paperwork provided to by your instructor to support your CWP application is good for 3 years.
  • I’ve taken a CWP class but haven’t yet submitted the paperwork. How long do I have before it expires?
    3 years
  • If I am a retired/former military member, what training do I need to complete to receive a SC CWP?
    You will only need to sit for the legal aspects portion of the training and complete the written test as long as you have a copy of your DD214.
  • If I am active duty military, what training must I complete to receive an SC CWP?
    Based on the laws of South Carolina, active duty military and members of the reserve, or National Guard members are exempt from all CWP training. However, you will need to submit an application from the SLED website.
  • If I am a retired law enforcement officer what training do I need for a SC CWP?
    If you are a retired law enforcement offices but have not maintained any type of certification or commission; or used to be a law enforcement officer who completed a state or federal training academy, you only need sit for the legal portion of our class and take the SLED CWP written test. You will also need to submit a copy of your LEO training certificate with your application. If you still maintain a retired (HR-218) certification, you are exempt from training.
  • How many states am I permitted to carry a firearm in after obtaining an SC CWP?
    35 states. However, it is your responsibility to be familiar with the laws of the state you are visiting which govern the use, carry, and transportation of firearms. This information can commonly be found on the website of each states chief law enforcement agency or via Firearms Legal Protection Mobile app which is available to you with the purchase of an insurance policy.
  • How do I know what states have reciprocity with South Carolina?
    Reciprocity map and information can be viewed on the SLED website.
  • If I have a CWP in another state but will be moving to SC can I transfer my permit?
    No, you will need to take a SC CWP course and submit the SC CWP application.
  • Do you offer firearm-based training that doesn't involve live firearms?
    Yes, I offer laser simulator training. This is an excellent means for me to instruct individuals who maybe want to baby step into shooting live weapons. It would also be excellent for someone who wants to improve their marksmanship but save money on ammunition. Laser simulator training involves using a computer simulator program and laser pistol which mimics the real thing, minus the felt recoil. The student is able get visual feedback on their degree of accuracy, work on basic marksmanship principles, and get coached on general firearm handling safety from their instructor. For further information and booking see the "services/classes" section of the website
  • Do you offer gift cards for your training services?
    Yes. Gift cards can be purchased through the online store link. The value on the card does not expire and can be utilized towards the purchase of any goods or services.
Police & Military discount card for firearms training with DOC at Florence, South Carolina location
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